The OIC Data Program is a database of sales and property ownership records of the entire county. The OIC Database is useful for analyzing the value of real estate through many searching and reporting methods! Click here for screenshots of the OIC Data plus Maps program. Data since 1991 for Carteret County.

To install the program here is the link to download the latest version of the full installation for the OIC Data program. Click here for download It is over 300 megabytes and will take about a half hour to install. When installing you will be asked if you want to keep a file already on your computer or overwrite the file. The answer is Yes, Keep the file.

To update an already existing installation here is the zip file to download and extract. Be sure your OIC Program is not running when you
extract the files and be sure you overwrite the C:\OIC\Oicmaps.exe program which is already on your disk.